Pupil Premium

Last year, our school received a total of £109,560.00 funding for us to spend on enhancing our childrens learning experiences and impact on the progress that they make throughout their learning journey. Below is a summary of the impact of these strategies.

Strategy Cost Impact
School counsellor £7628.00 .
Whole school Assistant SENCO£22,125.00.
Whole school Senior Teaching Assistant to support learning. £20,607.00 .
Visits/residential visits. £10,250.00 .
Further develop IT resources across the school to enrich learning. £26,000.00 .
After hours clubs and extracurricular acitivities £5,000.00 .
Improve the quality of reading materials available to all children. £4,500.00 .
Inviting parents to attend half-term workshops. £4,000.00 .

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